Hero Fountain Pen Ink 234 56ML Writing Ink Carbon Black


The use of writing ink has a long history, and it has been widely used in the employment of written and even of printed characters. The quality of writing ink affects the appearance. This high quality writing ink can be a good option for you. It can be used for your pen. It is simple to use. It will make you write easily and display graceful appearance.
Joined by special material, the elimination of ink deposit, avoid illegible writing when water-break phenomenon
Non volatile, keep the nib moist, facilitated writing
Water resistance, lasting color does not retreat
It has no peculiar smell
It is a good choice for yourself and your friends
Bottle Material: Glass
Color: Black
Capacity: 56ML
Dimensions: 2.28" x 2.68" / 5cm x 6.8cm (Dia x H)
1. Don't mix it with other kinds of ink.
2. Screw the bottle cap after use in time.
3. It is not very suitable for Extra Fine pen such as hero 9296 SKU141129.
Package Included
1 x 56ML Hero 234 Black Writing Ink