HERO 901 Fountain Pen 0.5mm Meduim Nib Gold Black


HERO 901 Fountain Pen 0.5mm Meduim Nib Gold Black

Excellent for writing, decorations, gifts, practise calligraphy
Needle cylinder type vacuum ink suction device
Modeling solemn generous, excellent performance, quality
stable, pen is more stable, is always the preferred to numerous
students and collectors
Product material and design are on the refine on, is a rare
product in the boutique.

1.Pen: Frosted black barrel , golden clip and trim
2.Cap: Snap on type cap
3.Converter: Removable ink converter( may be replaced with international standard size ink cartridge.
Also, you may use bottled ink.)
4.Nib: 0.5mm Meduim Nib .
5.Length: 14 cm approx.

Note:All fountain pens are empty, so please fill ink before the actual write.

Package Included:
1X Black Steel Fountain Pen
(The box and ink not included)