40x30cm 5D Snow Wolves DIY Diamond Painting Home Decor Cross-stitch Kits


5D Snow Wolves DIY Diamond Painting Cross-stitch Kits

DIY diamond painting is the new popular products. It is beautiful what you see in the picture, very shining and amazing. Production process is simple that you can spend less time to complete. Simply hung it onto the wall, it will make your room and your world amazing. It is exquisite to give to friends and loved ones to express good wishes to share.

Size: 40x30cm
Fabric: Cotton
Rhinestone material: Resin
Glue: Green Oil-based Glue
Pattern: Snow Wolves
Type: DIY Diamond Painting
Style: Elegance, Antique sensibility
Suitable scene: Living room, Bedroom, Hallway, Hall

Diamonds sparkling, strong third dimension
Perfect color match, dimond painting vivid image
Color printing, environmental canvas
high definition pattern, good texture and aesthetic feeling
Clear drawing, spend less time to finish, easier than the ordinary embroidery
Perfect design layout, showing furniture fashion ideas

How to Use:
1. Open the product suite, according to color lined up diamonds and organize all the tools
2. When you start, only need lift a small part of the release paper, in order to avoid other regional sticky dust affect the bonding effect
3. Paste the diamond into the corresponding grid (according serial number).
4. The diamond after Paste being completed, which makes diamond bonding surface more solid.
5. Please don't tear off film on the canvas at once. Pasting a part of diamonds and tearing off a part of film. Aviod the glue to lose stickiness.

Package Include:
1 X Cloth
1 X Tweezer
1 X Pakc of bag
2 X Triangel Trays
Corresponding Rhinestones