125x60cm DIY Sunset Mountains Waterfall Cross Stitch Plot Animal Scenic Embroidery Kit


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DIY Sunset Mountains Waterfall Cross Stitch Plot Scenic Embroidery Kit

Sunset, mountains, waterfall, animal scenic, beautiful and wonderful visual perception. It will make your house full of natural flavor.

Material: cotton
Size: 125x60cm
Pattern: sunset mountains waterfall animals cenic
Cross Stitch Fabric CT number: 11CT

Not need to draw grids.
Adopt accurate printing cotton cloth.
Natural ecologic cotton, good quality of the embroidery.
Soft and bright color cotton threads, no fading, not easy to become fuzzing or broken
The metallic needles are durable and easy for you to thread
Less time for finishing the beautiful picture, easier than the ordinary embroidery.

Package included:
1X Embroidered Cloth
1X HD Colorful Graph
2X Needles
1X Pack of Cotton Threads

The cross stitch is not ready-made. You need to finish it by yourself.