1.5W 110-250V 20 LED Gooseneck Sewing Machine Single Magnetic Base Knuckle Joint Light


1.5W Sewing Machine Gooseneck Knuckle Joint 20 LED Light

Using super magnetic mounting base ,convenience to move it.
Improving lighting glare, relieving eye fatigue and improving working efficiency.
LED as cold light source reduces the temperature of the working environment, and lifted the intensive lighthouse lighting space repression and car mobile difficulties.

Shell material: Aluminum + PVC
Lamp beads quantity: 20 pcs
Input voltage: 110-250V
Output voltage: 30V
Power: 1.5 W
Size: 2.5×9.5cm
Cable length: 133cm
Connection: knuckle joint

Lamp beads: high-quality LED lamp beads, soft lighting, not dazzling, energy saving
Wire: used copper wire, protection circuit, safe and durable
Magnetic base: super adsorption force, easy installation
Gooseneck tube: can be free to bend, fits for a variety of sewing machines

Package Included:
1 x Sewing Machine LED Light